Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maisto 1/24 Nissan GT-R

If you want to see the pre-production process of this beautiful die-cast, here from the official blog of Maisto: Maisto Daily Dose

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  1. hehe, I laughed so hard when I saw your post because my kid has the same car and it's a maisto but it's not a 1:24... it's actually a 1:43. You can check it out Maisto 1:43. what made me laugh was that it's the single most wrecked 1:43 car he has... it has so many scratches and what not and it can still run.

    As far as 1:24 is concerned, Maisto is also strong there.

    I love the Maisto 1:24 diecast line. It truly is perfect for kids ages 3+

    They're incredibly sturdy and can survive really hard play. Check out the photos that prove it at my constantly updated article: 1:24 diecast cars.


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